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Starter Kit Reduction

After two Months on Starter Kit. Reduction of surface spots as evidenced by a 26% decrease in spots.

Starter Kit Brochure



Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Client had platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. At 3 weeks post treatment her wrinkles decreased by 36% from a count of 56 to 59. The dark green lines represent actual wrinkles, and the light green lines represent future wrinkles to come.

Platelet Rich Plasma Brochure



CO2 and Dermaplane Combo Treatment

Client treated with Dermaplaning ($65) and a Co2Lift Mask ($140).

True Skin Age decreased to 10 years younger than actual age after treatment.

Dermaplane Brochure



Firma Series Of 6 Spot Reduction

Client received a series of 6 Firma radiofrequency treatments to stimulate collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as tighten the skin. This photo shows a decrease in spottiness of 17%. The client was also using our Sunscreen SPF 20 to protect the skin as it rejuvenates.

Firma Series Brochure

$ 65.00


Ultra 10 Glycolic Home Treatment

Client received 35% glycolic chemical peel. Can be performed as often as once per month. Measurement indicates 33% decrease in pore size from 6/28/2015 to 7/14/2015, roughly 3 weeks time.

Ultra 10 Glycolic Treatment Brochure

.25 FL. OZ $2.65

1 FL OZ PUMP $30.00

4 FL OZ BOTTLE $65.00


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatment

Less complicated that the traditional rhinoplasty, our dermal filler rhinoplasty is ideal for those who want the results without the downtime of the traditional procedure. This treatment is perfect for those with a dip, or crooked nose. The nose tip can be "lifted" slightly on a nose that is turned down. The procedure takes less than an hour and in most cases cost $550 or less. The procedure lasts longer that traditional filler procedures due to the fact that the nose is less freely moveable than the lips or cheeks.

Rhinoplasty Brochure

Starting At $525


CO2 Lyft Mask Texture Results

Increase in texture of 13% 1 day post treatment.

CO2 Lyft brochure



CO2 Lyft Mask Pores Size Results

27% decrease in pore size one day post treatment.

C02 Lyft Brochure



Dermaplane- True skin age decreased by 9 years after 1 treatment.

Dermaplane Brochure