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Focused on You

The path to realizing your cosmetic goals begins during your consultation with our Certified Aesthetic Consultant. We review your current skin care regimen and access the current condition of your skin, using our Canfield Imaging System.TM The Canfield system provides you in an in depth analysis of exactly what is going on above and below the surface of your skin. As most patients find, there is no single product that works on well for all skin types. With the imaging report, the consultant will make recommendations appropriate for minor modifications or a complete overhaul of your skin care regimen.

We pride ourselves on continuing our relationship with you, our patient. That’s why everyone will treat you with warmth and respect each time you visit.

A full spectrum of skin care aesthetics services is available at Lake Havasu Cosmedics, from medical skin care to non-invasive treatments to aesthetic procedures using advanced techniques.

Meeting your aesthetic goals requires the dedication and commitment of our entire staff. Those goals begin with offering each patient an unparalleled, positive experience. We are committed to:

  • Providing you with the most advanced products and techniques using the safest means possible.
  • Maintaining advanced education in aesthetics products and techniques.
  • Treating every patient as we would want our loved ones treated.
  • Educating each patient on recommended products and services to assure their peace of mind.
  • Staying abreast of the myriad of new developments in our industry to separate hype from reality.

We look forward to meeting with you and beginning an ongoing partnership.

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